About Us

Passion for cutting-edge technology

Smart technology solutions for real people.
We thrive at the intersection between service and technology.

We manage IT, so you don’t have to.

We help small- to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations use technology to change the way they work. We simplify their IT management, assess and manage their information security risks, identify new paths to productivity, all while providing a highly responsive level of service.

Our Mission

We strive to help small- to medium-sized businesses realize their full potential through technology. We accomplish this mission by simplifying our clients’ IT management, assessing and managing their data security risks, conceptualizing new paths to productivity, and providing a highly responsive level of service.

Meet the team

At Advantage Microsystems, our team is your team. Our team delivers personalized support, proactive solutions, and the most up-to-date experience to help you meet your business goals.

The Advantage Microsystems team helped with several grounds beautification projects at client St. Vincent’s Day Home in Oakland in July, 2019.

Leadership Team

Steven Hart

Steve’s insights and understanding of IT challenges form the guiding principles of Advantage Microsystems.

James Reblin

James honed his skills through a mixture of rigorous classroom education and hands-on experience.

Robert Ganister

Rob’s technical expertise extends throughout our company and our clients.

Our Origin Story

Started in 1997 by an ambitious UC Berkeley student, Advantage Microsystems has grown into a comprehensive IT provider. The company began with one hardworking student providing computer support service and has transformed into a nationwide IT provider, recognized for its innovative solutions and personalized customer care.


Steve Hart’s computer fascination began with the Commodore 64 when he was only 6 years old. His family encouraged his interest in technology when they brought home an Apple IIe in 1985—at time when only 8% of households had a home computer.


He spent his youth helping neighbors and family select and then learn to use computers at home. Particularly drawn to solving complex problems, Steve started working for a local computer networking company when he was a teen and quickly moved into a senior technician role. He was able to work full time and finish high school and even made a few cross-state business trips to help customers with IT challenges.

During his first year at UC Berkeley, Steve became one of the youngest Microsoft Certified System Engineers in the country. In 1998, he incorporated Advantage Microsystems and hired his first employee so he could support customers while completing his undergraduate studies. After graduation, he decided to grow the company and converted contracted resources to full time employees, creating programs to maintain the team’s culture and dynamics.


With a flat-fee business model and a proactive IT strategy, Steve set the company up for success. And with success comes growth—in 2016 he doubled the team to ensure each employee had the time to provide the personalized support Advantage Microsystems is known for.


Technology may have changed, but Steve’s commitment to service remains the same. Advantage Microsystems’ dedication to customer service and its passion for technology offer customers true and effective business transformation.