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About Us

Passion for cutting-edge technology

We Make IT Easy

We manage your IT, so you can get back to business.

Stress-Free IT

We provide comprehensive IT management, including maintenance and updates, online backups, cloud service consulting, and onsite and remote support.

Data Security

We use state-of-the-art technologies to help keep your data safe from cyberattacks, data breaches, and natural disasters.

Strategies for Growth

Your personal Advantage Microsystems CIO works with you to uncover new ways to increase your productivity through the latest technologies.

The Origin of Advantage Microsystems

Advantage Microsystems began in 1997 as a small computer support service, dreamed up by an ambitious UC Berkeley student. With time, dedication, and passion for cutting-edge technologies, we’ve grown into the nationwide, comprehensive IT provider that we are today.

Founder & CEO
Steven Hart

Steve’s insights and understanding of IT challenges form the guiding principles of Advantage Microsystems

Operations Manager
Robert Landers

Robert plays a big role in growing Advantage Microsystems into a national managed IT provider

Sr. Technical Consultant
Robert Ganister

Rob’s technical expertise extends throughout our company and our clients

Sr. Technical Consultant
James Reblin

James honed his skills through a mixture of rigorous classroom education and hands-on experience.

Our Mission

We strive to help small- to medium-sized businesses realize their full potential through technology. We accomplish this mission by simplifying our clients’ IT management, assessing and managing their data security risks, conceptualizing new paths to productivity, and providing a highly responsive level of service.

How We Work

No more IT hassles. We deliver CIO-level strategy, urgent fixes, network security, expert advice and planning—all for a flat fee.

We listen to your problems or questions.

aWhen you’ve got issues with your computers or network, just give us a call to speak immediately to a qualified and friendly Advantage Microsystems technician. That’s a real human being you’ll speak with right away without being placed on hold or having to navigate a labyrinth of phone menus.

Our top priority is that any and all issues you have with your computers and network are solved before they even begin to slow down staff productivity. When a problem comes up, we’ll open a ticket detailing your concern. Usually the process starts when your staff phones or emails us, but we also track tickets for issues detected automatically through our 24-hour network monitoring system. At any time you can check the status of your open request, track and review who called, what the problem was, and how it was solved. No ticket ever slips through the cracks.

We work fast to find resolutions without impeding your business operations.

aOur aim is always to work around your staff, rather than interrupting them when something needs to be fixed. That’s why we’ll do our best to accomplish any onsite work in the least obtrusive way possible. Often we can remedy problems during lunch or after hours to prevent disrupting someone’s productive workday.

We partner with you one on one.

aYour personal Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will schedule periodic meetings to give you detailed updates and make sure your business is gaining every possible value from our services. While we offer copious reporting and metrics, these often esoteric technology reports are discussed in business terminology that you can understand immediately to save money and increase productivity. Your CTO has years of experience and is an important contact for critical business decisions; he or she is there to make you aware of upcoming upgrades that will provide your business with new capabilities, productivity tools that can help meet your goals, budget planning, and much more.

We work behind the scenes.

aWe do even more for you behind the scenes. Advantage Microsystems has made a substantial investment in advanced network management tools so that your company may spend its valuable resources elsewhere. Our technicians monitor your network at all times, always on the lookout for any anomalies, missed backups, security threats, potential crashes, update problems or email malfunctions. If we notice a glitch, we fix it. If a key program is crashing regularly, we investigate the issue and solve it. Our proactive approach means that you’ll hardly know we’re there. But rest assured, we are.

A Few Nice Comments From Our Clients

We’re proud of our near 100% client retention rate. We feel that it’s a testament to the quality of service we provide.

But it’s still nice to hear good things from our clients.

"Very easy to work with"

Our computers run like they’re new, our problems are promptly fixed, and the knowledge they have of insurance industry software makes them very easy to work with. 

Greg Norris President at Greg Norris Insurance

"Truly a professional operation"

Advantage Microsystems' technical guidance and support over the last 11 years has played a role in Sweet and Baker's growth, daily stability, and productivity. I wholeheartedly recommend these guys. They are truly a professional operation. 

Bruce Callander President at Sweet & Baker

“We highly endorse”

Advantage Microsystems has been our technology partner for the last 8 years. We highly endorse their services to all independent insurance agents and brokers!

Clark Payan CEO at IIABCAL

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us your question through the form on our Contact page

How can your services benefit my firm? What specifically do you offer?

aAdvantage Microsystems provides an outsourced IT department solution to more than 65 businesses nationwide. Our in-depth knowledge of the technical needs of a variety of industries allows us to maximize the value of our clients’ investment in IT. Our services include: IT systems monitoring, server management, maintenance and updates, a thorough disaster recovery plan including unlimited online backup, unlimited onsite and remote support, guaranteed response times, and fixed monthly fees.

How do I reach you when I have a computer problem? Do you have a help desk?

aWe have a help desk support staff waiting to help you with all of your technical support needs. Our help desk is available from 5am to 5pm, Pacific Time. If you’re experiencing an urgent computer problem, give us a call. If your problem is less urgent, just drop us an email and let us know when you want it fixed.

What pro-active steps will you take to ensure operation of my key business functions?

aAs a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have the knowledge to perform the recommended checks and verifications of your business services, ensuring the highest availability. Because your time is money, a solution provider needs to be as proactive as possible.

How do you price your services?

aOur pricing is initially based on the number of workstations, servers, and locations your company has. Over the initial 6-month period we use this figure as a starting point and benchmark it against the volume of services your company needs. After the initial period the pricing may be adjusted if too much or too little service was provided.

Beyond keeping my computers running, how do you plan on improving the use of technology within our firm? Is there an additional charge for adding additional capabilities and upgrades?

aWe provide our clients with new capabilities on a continuous basis—this is where you receive a return on investment through additional staff efficiency and productivity. Upgrades to your covered computers and software are included within your flat monthly fee. If you’d like to discuss new products that can help you solve a particular business challenge, your Outsourced CIO is a phone call away. Please keep in mind that any large changes to your network as a result of a new technology that was not covered by your contract will require a separate project.

What happens in a few years’ time when my computers and servers need to be replaced? Do you charge for that?

aThere is no additional charge. Once on our service plan, all of your computers are considered covered components. If a covered component needs to be replaced due to age, there is no additional charge to do so. Moreover, the service on software upgrades is also provided at no additional charge. Please be advised that any work that takes place after normal business hours will be charged for on a time and materials basis, but this is a rare exception.

Will you be marking up the computer equipment and software we need, or will you arrange our direct orders through vendors like Dell or HP?

aAs your outsourced IT department, we provide “purchasing assistance” without marking up prices. We’ll gather competitive quotes from vendors for any equipment or software needed for your organization. Given the large number of orders we place through Dell on behalf of all of our clients, we have great purchasing power with them, which means more discounts for you. As your trusted technology advisors, we feel that it’s unethical to mark up equipment and software.

How can I view the status of an open technical support issue?

aYou can log directly into our client portal and see the real-time status of your issues and the resolution that our engineers are taking to resolve your problem. You are also welcome to call (877)938-6888 at any point for a status check.

What do you suggest we do about our spam and email virus problems?

aEmail anti-spam and email anti-virus services are part of our service plan and are provided to you at no additional cost.

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If you have general questions, we can be reached in office from 9am to 5pm PST.

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