How Secure is Your Data?

Find out by running our Cyber Liability Stress Test. Drop us a line on our contact page, and we’ll send you a Stress Test tailored to your security needs.
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Our Services

Keep your business rolling

Stress-Free IT Management

Advantage Microsystems helps you offload the stress of IT management, so you can focus on running your business. We handle all your IT needs, including:


  • Desktop, laptop, and mobile support
  • Server and network management
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Online backup
  • Cloud service consulting
  • Unlimited onsite and remote support

Data Security and Recovery

Advantage Microsystems uses state-of-the-art technologies to manage the security risk of your critical data. We also protect your data from disasters and help you quickly recover from the unexpected. We help you:


  • Secure your data affordably and effectively
  • Keep hackers, viruses, and other threats out of your data, email, and network
  • Protect data from fire, theft, and natural disaster through off-site backup
  • Recover data quickly to get your business back to work

Strategies for Growth

As an Advantage Microsystems client, you receive a personal-CIO who can help you realize new ways to increase productivity and ensure that you gain every possible advantage from your technology. Your Advantage Microsystems CIO will help you:


  • Use technology to meet and expand your business goals
  • Strategize ways to increase productivity
  • Make optimal purchasing decisions on new equipment
  • Keep costs low on new equipment by leveraging our purchasing power

Cyber Liability Assessment

How secure is your critical data? We help clients and insurance broker partners assess cyber liability with our Cyber Liability Stress Test. To learn about your level of exposure, leave us a brief message on our contact form and we’ll send you a Cyber Liability Stress Test tailored to your needs.


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