Keep your business safe

Security solutions.
The most important thing to fix before it breaks.


Digital transformation can be a challenge when it comes to security.

It’s more difficult than ever to keep your data, intellectual property, and information safe. We help organizations ensure end-to-end security for all their services and applications and work with them to improve their preparedness for a cyber-attack.


Let Advantage Microsystems make sure your information is secure. We’ll protect your data from disasters and help you quickly recover from the unexpected.

How secure is your critical data? We help clients assess their information security with our Cyber Liability Stress Test. To learn about your level of exposure, contact us for your free test today.

We can help:

  • Secure your data and information
  • Keep hackers, viruses, and other threats out
  • Protect data from fire, theft, and natural disaster
  • Recover data quickly to get your business back to work