Keep your business growing

Strategy is important.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

How We Work

No more IT hassles. We deliver CIO-level strategy, urgent fixes, network security, expert advice and planning—all for a flat fee.


We listen to your problems or questions.

When you’ve got issues with your computers or network, just give us a call to speak immediately to a qualified and friendly Advantage Microsystems technician. That’s a real human being you’ll speak with right away without being placed on hold or having to navigate a labyrinth of phone menus.


Our top priority is that any and all issues you have with your computers and network are solved before they even begin to slow down staff productivity. When a problem comes up, we’ll open a ticket detailing your concern. Usually the process starts when your staff phones or emails us, but we also track tickets for issues detected automatically through our 24-hour network monitoring system. At any time you can check the status of your open request, track and review who called, what the problem was, and how it was solved. No ticket ever slips through the cracks.


We work fast to find resolutions without impeding your business operations.

Our aim is always to work around your staff, rather than interrupting them when something needs to be fixed. That’s why we’ll do our best to accomplish any onsite work in the least obtrusive way possible. Often we can remedy problems during lunch or after hours to prevent disrupting someone’s productive workday.


We partner with you one on one.

Your personal Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will schedule periodic meetings to give you detailed updates and make sure your business is gaining every possible value from our services. While we offer copious reporting and metrics, these often esoteric technology reports are discussed in business terminology that you can understand immediately to save money and increase productivity. Your CTO has years of experience and is an important contact for critical business decisions; he or she is there to make you aware of upcoming upgrades that will provide your business with new capabilities, productivity tools that can help meet your goals, budget planning, and much more.


We work behind the scenes.

We do even more for you behind the scenes. Advantage Microsystems has made a substantial investment in advanced network management tools so that your company may spend its valuable resources elsewhere. Our technicians monitor your network at all times, always on the lookout for any anomalies, missed backups, security threats, potential crashes, update problems or email malfunctions. If we notice a glitch, we fix it. If a key program is crashing regularly, we investigate the issue and solve it. Our proactive approach means that you’ll hardly know we’re there. But rest assured, we are.


We have strategies for your growth.

When you work with Advantage Microsystems, you’ll get your very own personal-CIO who will help you find new ways to improve productivity and ensure that you get every possible advantage from your technology. Your Advantage Microsystems CIO will help you:


  • Choose and implement technology that works for you
  • Design a strategy to transform your productivity
  • Select the right solutions for your business and budget